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What is Kill Strain?

Kill Strain plays like a blend of a MOBA and a twin-stick arcade shooter. Two teams of five Humans compete to gather Resources — and rack up kills — while a third team of Mutants battles both teams in an attempt to spread their infection and add humans to their mutant ranks. Human teams can lose their players to the mutant side. When that happens, it's permanent. What starts as a 5v2v5 competition, over the course of a match, which runs between 20 and 30 minutes, changes to a 4v3v5 or 3v5v4 structure.

Kill Strain is a top down, highly competitive, highly addictive, fast pace game, where your enemies can become your teammates in a 5v2v5 teamplay.

  • Play across a frozen tundra where an experimental energy source has been unearthed and an outbreak threatens to spread around the globe. What is waiting in The Strain?
  • Take on the role of a human mercenary tasked with containing the outbreak, a mutated abomination hell-bent on infecting those who have come to silence them, or perhaps... both Characters?
  • When the battle changes and your teammates are no longer on your side, will you persevere?
  • When plans turn to frantic last-ditch efforts and you find yourself increasingly isolated, will you adapt?